mercredi 18 août 2010

God need`s you

A young man once prayed to God to reveal his purpose to him so that he can have a greater walk with him. God in his kindness revealed to the young man why he was born .The young man after discovering his purpose in life began to walk with God with great commitment, his Pastor was so happy of the things this young man started doing in the church. On a certain day the Pastor called him and told him he will be ministering on Wednesday evening service. Our brother agreed and went in his closet praying. Then on Tuesday evening  something happen the young man was with some brethren chatting and all of sudden he began to feel cold upon that he went home and ask the younger sister to cover him with some clothes that was at 7:00 pm after  the sister did so, she told her brother  i`m cooking some soup it will be ready in a few moment and the sister left. Within 5 minute the brother die, according to the testimony getting to 8:00 pm the brother was raised back to life. During that time the sister never knew that her brother was dead, but something happen to our brother within that short period, while he was going down and down he saw a light came and flash his spirit and brought him back to life. The sister seeing her brother told him you are awake your food is ready, she didn`t know that the brother actually die and came back alive, the brother looking at her smile and said let me take a bath first. Why did i share this testimony with you? here is a brother that just discover the reason why he is alive and started walking in it, suddenly die and brought back to life by the  Holy Spirit. A Pastor once said when God need`s you, you cannot die how true, for i`m a living testimony. There are people out there that doesn`t know God need`s them , they live a life without purpose. Look at this young man he has discover his purpose in life, he knows that God need him and started walking in God`s purpose concerning his life to the point that his Pastor was amaze of the things he was doing in the church. Do you know why you are  alive? and have you find out God`s  purpose for your life or you are just living an empty life. { In John 10:10 Jesus said the thief cometh to steal, destroy and kill but i am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly} . He describe his purpose on earth, he knew why he was born. You are young and strong this is the time for you to discover God`s purpose for your life and fulfill it, you must know why God need`s you, don`t live an empty life, let your life be an inspiration for others, be a model to others and the best way to live a life of purpose is giving your life to Christ Jesus and ask him to help you discover your purpose in life, the reason why God need`s you, untill you know it you are living an empty life it doesn`t matter what you`ve already achieve it doesn`t  count. Discovering your purpose in life and fulfill it is the great life to live on earth. The brother i`ve talk about earlier on is me. God wants to use the youth in this last days and we must prepare ourselfs for the great revival taken place in Africa, the youth will be use by God in this revival to demonstrate his power and we must get ready for it, that`s why it`s important for us the youth to discover God`s purpose concerning our life and walk in it to fulfill it and  no matter what will happen to us we`ll stand firm and alive for the glory of God

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